Local Accommodation - Click on Photos for link to websites


Golfers will need to make their own enquiries as to the suitability of local accommodation.
Here are a few suggestions: -
* Hallpark Hotel Workington CA14 4BX Tel: 01900 602968
* Washington Central Hotel Workington CA14 3AY Tel: 01900 65772
* Sleepwell Inn Workington (Washington Central) Tel: 01900 65772
* Hunday Manor Hotel Workington CA14 4JF Tel: 01900 61698
* Melbreak Country Hotel Little Clifton Workington CA14 1XS Tel: 01900 61443
* Travelodge Workington CA14 2FB Tel: 08719 846561
* The Art Lounge Scenery Hill House, Branthwaite, Workington CA14 4SZ Tel: 07843151366
* The Old Ginn House, Moor Road, Great Clifton Workington CA14 1TS Tel:01900 64616